I am a licensed psychologist specializing in helping clients make active changes in their lives. I have dedicated myself to expanding my professional abilities and have strong desire to help others live the lives they want to live. Through my training I was able learn foundational components to the art of therapy while developing my own unique style of working with clients. My “do what works best” approach to therapy incorporates many different therapeutic applications (CBT, DBT, humanistic). I believe that everyone is unique and should be treated accordingly. My approach is centered on meeting all individuals where they are presently situated in their own process, listening to their unique experiences and being considerably present throughout the session in order to provide the most comprehensive help possible. I engage clients with thoughtful questions, sharing stories, and allowing my personality to come through in therapeutic sessions.

You will find I'm concerned, empathetic, direct (when necessary), genuine, warm, open, and non-judgmental. I give everything I can with every individual, because I believe change happens through developing a great therapeutic relationship and genuine care. I am deeply committed to my profession and my clients. This not just a job to me, I truly enjoy what I do and, through personal experience, strongly believe in the long-term, impactful benefits therapy can bring to your life.

My personal journey to make active changes in my life has informed my work and enabled me to further understand the depths of my clients struggles. Growing up I often conformed to the norms of my environment, but that has changed. I took responsibility for my life by honing in on who I am, what I want, and how I truly want to live. My education, psychotherapy, travel, and self-reflection have all been pivotal factors in my growth as an individual and have all helped shape my style of counselling.

I am committed to helping you take responsibility for your life. I believe the key factors in fostering a happy and healthy life, are: cognitive flexibility; the evaluation of thoughts and feelings; identifying options, alternatives, and choices; being yourself, accepting yourself and others. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey to wellness.