Dr. Buonfiglio’s enthusiasm and skill with the Gift of ADHD Strength-Based approach to treating ADHD will greatly benefit his clients. He is well trained in creating positive expectations for his clients despite their label of ADHD. He is a thoughtful and caring psychologist who goes to bat for his clients. I would also like to thank Dr. Buonfiglio for his help in organizing my material for my Gift of ADHD training Program. Robert and I worked together for six months sharing ideas and collaborating on ways to utilize the material to educate and reach Clinicians. Robert’s sound grasp of the material and ability to conceptualize the material was greatly valued and appreciated.
— Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, author, "The Gift of Adult ADD"
Dr. Buonfiglio was trained in the art and science of therapy. He displays attunement for client’s needs, a genuine care and curiosity, and a capacity to cultivate a sound therapeutic relationship through his skill and engaging personality.
— Dr. Orah Krug, Co-author, "Existential-Humanistic Therapy"
Dr. Buonfiglio is a resilient, highly skillful therapist who can relate to people of diverse backgrounds. He is a fine-tuned therapeutic professional and a sensitive and pragmatic healer. Dr. Buonfiglio is both personable and methodical in his approach to training students. He has a very dynamic style that is conducive to both substantive personal growth and refinement of therapeutic skills.
— Kirk Schneider, Ph.D., Author, "Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy"