I obtained a Ph.D., in Clinical Psychology from Saybrook University and had the fortunate opportunity to study with, and be mentored by, Dr. Kirk Schneider and Dr. Orah Krug, two of the world’s leading existential-humanistic psychologists. I was in group and individual consultation with them for seven years. I also had the fortunate opportunity to train with Lara Honos-Webb. As a person with ADHD, Lara, the author of The Gift of Adult ADD helped me to change my perception of myself through her strength-based approach. I am a certified Gift of ADHD Counselor and helped Lara develop her training program.

I have always valued community as I grew up in a collective culture in New York. This way of being led me to become active in my local psychological association. I have been the Secretary, Continuing Education Chair, and President of the San Francisco Psychological Association. My role as President was a wonderful time of learning and setting up the organization for sustainable growth and success. I enjoy mentoring students and paying it forward as I have had wonderful mentors that me develop professionally.

As Clinician Director of Ivy Pay I am blessed to work with intelligent, dedicated, caring, and motivated folks. Ivy is a mission-driven company that strives to unburden therapists. We work collaboratively to provide therapists with a transactionless experience in processing payments with their clients.

When I’m not working, I enjoy going to the gym, playing basketball, watching sports, plays and going to museums. I also love going to see Oscar movies – I’ve thrown a pretty epic Oscar party the past two years. I love to travel, and have left the United States at least once a year for the past 13 years.