Understanding ADHD

In therapy in my last 20’s it was discovered that I had ADHD. This certainly explained a lot. My soccer coach when I was 6 years old had to create a position for me – The Roamer. I had trouble following directions and staying in my position. This was a theme that has been constant throughout my life. I could never sit in my seat! I was often asking to go to the bathroom in grade school and lacked the focus and attention to detail needed to do well in school. I would also get in trouble in school. I just assumed I was a bad kid. Consciously and Subconsciously I had a negative perception of myself and my ADHD tendencies. And then I had the fortunate opportunity to train with Lara Honos – Webb.

Lara, the author of the Gift of Adult ADD helped me to change my perception of myself. I was not a wayward child who didn’t like school. I enjoyed learning, I just learned differently. Having ADHD made me hard working, resources, and creative. I think outside the box and have learned to embrace my differences and view them as gifts or strengths. One of my strongest attributes/gifts is that I put my heart into everything I do and I deeply care about people.

I am Certified Gift of ADHD Counselor. Through my personal experience with ADHD and my training in this strength – based approach I would like to helped you to become attuned to you strengths, develop a positive perceptions ofyourself, and help you to develop skills to better manage hyperactivity, difficulty focusing, organization, and impulsivity.