Dr. Robert Buonfiglio and I have worked together on several projects in the last year. He is a highly skilled psychologist and professional with excellent administrative and organizational skills. Robert is the current President of the San Francisco Psychological Association (SFPA), and I’ve witnessed him infuse energy and creativity in the organization. He is a dynamic and productive leader. The SFPA, because of its location and size, has the potential to be an important advocate for psychologists and the individuals we serve. As the current President of the California Psychological Association, I work with the other 20 regional associations in our state and the SFPA, under Robert’s leadership, has emerged as one CPA’s key chapters.
— Paul Marcille, President of the California Psychological Association; Licensed Clinical Psychologist; Professor & Program Director Palo Alto University
Dr. Buonfiglio’s leadership of the San Francisco Psychological Association has brought forth the culmination of efforts to make our professional association relevant to early, mid and advanced career psychologists of all orientations. His forward-looking engagement of students and leaders envisions psychology’s relevance in today’s and tomorrow’s worlds. His contagious enthusiasm in sharing psychology with our community has opened new venues and collaborations in our field which psychologists did not engage in traditionally. His concerted efforts in bringing together neighboring and regional psychological associations into a collectively shared professional vision has brought colleagues near and far together into a shared mission. Uniting psychologists and making psychology an integral part of our community’s sociocultural and moral fabric has been his forte. Dr. Robert Buonfiglio is not just a leader for a few, but a leader for all of California.
— Jorge Wong, Ph.D., President-Elect, Santa Clara County Association; Past President, California Psychological Association; Past President, San Francisco Psychological Association